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Nepal Coffee Consulting (NCC) is the service wing of Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd., producer of HimalayanArabica® coffee and the first private coffee consulting center in Nepal. It was established in 2010 as ‘Coffee Information Center’ (कफी सुचना केन्द्र, बल्खु) with the main objective to produce and promote specialty grade Nepali coffee.

Later, in 2015, additional group of passionate specialty coffee professionals were teamed up and the center has been reorganized and renamed as Nepal Coffee Consulting (NCC) which is now working as the resource center for the development of Nepali coffee sector.

NCC has partnered with Coffee Strategies, an international coffee consulting company to implement bigger projects.

Our team consist of experienced farmers, agronomists, Q graders, processors, roasters, exporters, technicians, value chain & sustainability experts, market analysts and trade experts.

The primary objective of NCC is to help promoting Nepali coffee industry by providing professional consultancy services to farmers, cooperatives, coffee related entrepreneurs, coffee companies, I/NGOs, government and coffee related stake-holders.


1. Coffee Farm Development:

  1. Feasibility Study,
  2. Designing, Planning and Budgeting,
  3. Implementation.  

 2. Coffee Quality Management

Coffee quality grading and cupping as per SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standard

  1. Green Coffee Grading,
  2. Roasted Coffee Grading,
  3. Cupping and Quality Scoring.

3. Coffee Consultancy Service for Public and Private Sector

  1. Provide consultancy services for individuals, researchers, private businesses, NGOs, INGOs,
  2. Planning, designing and implementation of any coffee project, programs and activities,
  3. Feasibility and need assessment, technical assistance for coffee development programs, farm development, on-site and off-site training/capacity development,
  4. Assistance on formation of farmers group, cooperative and social mobilization,
  5. PMER (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research) and execution of community development programs,
  6. Financial estimation and budgeting for potential coffee farm, project, program or any coffee sector activities.

4. Training and Capacity Building Programs for:

  1.  Coffee farmers,
  2. Processors,
  3. Roasters,
  4. Quality improvement,
  5. Export and trade.

5. Technical Service & On-Site Support for:

  1.  Any coffee related business.

Meet Our Team

Team Coordinator

Raj Kumar Banjara, PhD
Coffee Quality and Value Chain Expert

Dr. Banjara is the first Nepali coffee Q-Grader, and the established coffee producer, roaster, quality grader and exporter with extensive experience with sustainability initiatives and international trade. He is working as a consultant and the strategic partner with Coffee Strategies, USA, a well recognized coffee consulting company.  He has experience working effectively within local communities, with social entrepreneurs, donor organizations, and government officials.

As a consultant, he has provided quality training and business consultancy services for more than two dozens of coffee enterprises, cooperatives and farmers.

Dr. Banjara has a lifelong commitment to ethics, quality, and transparency within the coffee value chain. He is a member of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR), Nepal Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB) and Nepal Coffee Producers’ Association (NCPA).

Rajendra Devkota, PhD
Organic Agriculture and Food Systems Expert

Dr. Devkota holds M.Sc. in Agriculture and Animal science from The Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal and PhD degree in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems from University of Hohenheim, Germany in 2013.

He is working as an independent organic inspector for European Union’s (EEC), USDA NOP and Indian NPOP standard of organic agriculture since 2007.

He has working experience with Winrock International, Helvetas’s Coffee Promotion Program, Chaudhary Group and other NGOs. He has also worked as research assistant under Eurofins in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Nima Tenzing Sherpa
Coffee Quality and Processing Expert

Mr. Sherpa is the certified Arabica Q Grader, SCA Roaster, Barista and Coffee Processor. He has been growing coffee since 2008 and has been an active member of the specialty coffee association of America since 2010.

Mr. Sherpa has been an active advocate for specialty coffees in Nepal. Besides working on his farm he is actively involved in training coffee producers to produce specialty coffees all the way from picking only the red ripe cherries to teaching them the different ways of processing coffees.

International Partner

Andrew Hetzel
Coffee Value Chain Expert 

Andrew Hetzel, founder of Coffee Strategies, USA is a coffee market, value chain, and international trade consultant with seventeen years’ experience. He has advised public and private sector coffee industry stakeholders in more than forty countries to increase the value of coffee trade through improvements in trade policy, capacity development, and market access for high-value specialty coffee.

Mr. Hetzel has managed or held senior roles in analysis, management, marketing, and trade for coffee agriculture value chain projects funded by USAID, ADB and others in Asia and Pacific (India, Myanmar, Timor-Leste), East Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda), South America (Brazil, Ecuador), and the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen). As a consultant to private businesses, he has provided quality training and business consultancy services for more than two dozen specialty coffee importing and roasting businesses in Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Mr. Hetzel is a member of the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the world’s largest coffee trade association. He is the board liaison and Chairman of the SCA Education Advisory Council responsible for SCA’s education, lecture, and laboratory campus programs. From 2012-2016, he was an instructor for the Coffee Quality Institute’s Q Arabica and Robusta (Q Grader) coffee evaluation certificate courses.

As a visible specialty coffee industry spokesperson, he has been quoted by trade publications and consumer media outlets on coffee-related issues, including: the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Reuters, Time Magazine, and Wall Street Journal.

Tej Bahadur Karki, PhD
PMER Expert 

Dr. Karki is a Sociologist working in the field of development and research for last ten years. He is currently working as the Social Safeguard Expert at Reconstruction Authority, Govt. of Nepal. Dr. Karki has experience of research on agricultural development, coffee farming, dairy farming, livelihood of small farmers, contribution of micro-finance in women empowerment and rural tourism. He is expert  in planning, monitoring, evaluation, research and reporting and well known instructor of SPSS, statistical software.

Kishan Gurung
Trainer, Barista and Roasting 

Mr. Gurung is extra-ordinarily talented trainer for Barista & Roasting and the winner of Nepal Barista championship 2014 and 2017. He holds the Latte Art Certificate from Thailand and Roasting certificate from South Korea. Furthermore, he was one of the competitors at the World latte art Battle in South Korea.