The Farm

Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd. is a cooperative-based, socially responsible and ethical organic coffee estate located at Dandapari of Kavre district, Nepal. Our farmland is considered as one of the most suitable lands where the altitude and microclimate provide excellent conditions for growing Arabica. Besides growing on our own farm, we purchase fresh cherry and parchment from local farmers. We do further process of sorting well-ripen cherries, fermentation, washing, drying, milling and export.

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The Brand

HimalayanArabica®  Coffee (HA) is the registered trademark of Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd.  It is the first Nepalese coffee brand to have achieved some of the most prestigious international awards including AVPA Paris in 2016. It is not only widely recognized for its superior taste and flavor, but also on its way to truly becoming the Jewel of Asian Coffee™. Only the selected high-land grown Specialty Graded bourbon hard beans (HB) – and strictly hard bean (SHB) are branded as HimalayanArabica® Coffee.

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The Founder

Raj Kumar Banjara, PhD is the 1st  licensed Q Grader of Nepal. He is a passionate farmer, exporter; trainer for coffee processing, roasting, grading & cupping and an independent consultant for Processing, Quality & Value Chain management. He has been awarded by the prestigious Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Medal, conferred by the Rt Hon. president of Nepal. He is also working as the Executive Board Member of Nepal Tea and Coffee Development BoardNepal Coffee Producers Association, and the President of National Coffee Academy

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We Produce and Export

We produce high quality specialty grade Arabica bourbon washed, natural, and honey processed green coffee for artisan roasters; premium roasted beans and meticulously selected leaf teas.

New offering: Fresh harvest (2019 January) of artisan green coffee for craft roasters to match the standard for the third wave of coffee movement, scored around 88 SCAA with the notes of sweet-savory, Read More

You can order any type of roasted beans like light-roasted, medium-roasted, dark roasted etc. directly from us or through any of our partners/re-sellers. Additionally, we can customize, Read More

Greenland’s Himalayan Tea is among the world’s finest artisanal processed whole leaf teas grown in the gently rolling hills and swirling mists at an elevation of about 2200m (7218ft) Read More

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Shipping Information


50 Kg Jute Bag
Grain Pro bag inside, and jute outside
HimalayanArabica follows strict international standardized packing procedures and have more than 20 years of experience without a mistake.  Without compromising safety, we use the most affordable method to package the coffee so you can keep your mind at ease while saving money.  Grainpro and Jute-sacks are used in combination to ensure the longest shelf life while keeping it nice and secure.


Air freight and Customs Clearance
Door Delivery
Greenland Organic Farm is registered food facility to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (FDA registration No. 18457994286). We will go through the prior notice system so that your shipment can be processed easily through customs.  We prefer air freight. Both port-to-port regular cargo (CIF) or door delivery (DDU) are absolutely fine with us.

Because Nepal is a land-locked country. The nearest seaport is at Kolkata (CCU) India. Freight charges between air and sea are not much difference. If you add the land transportation cost and India-Nepal border customs formalities then the cost seems similar for LCL shipments. But if your order is 1X20’FCL (16 tonnes) or bigger we offer Ventilated containers (coffee containers) to load in Kathmandu.

First time ordering from Nepal?

There is nothing to worry about! We can help you with documentations, customs, and freight forwarding. Updated constantly; we can offer you the best airfreight rate or express door to door delivery service for any weight.

Our Core Values


The Jewel of Asian Coffee™ says it all. Winning the national and international award demonstrates our quality and flavor, but don’t just take our word for it; Q-Graders around the world have scored us consistently between 85-89 points. Himalayan Arabica is a quality-focused company and we strive to be the best coffee producer in Asia.


You can trace the origin of the coffee, who grows it and how much we pay the farmers so that it is easy to understand where the money goes. We are transparent with all buyers and our farmers about the value-chain and how we produce, so that everyone involved can clearly understand the actual value of our coffee.


We are sensitive to the ecological impact of growing practices, sustainability of farmlands and dignified livelihood of the farmers, that is why ‘The Farmer Support Program’ has been implemented which encourages responsible growing practices to help farmers so the quality and the volume of the harvest can be improved, which increases their income significantly.

Women Coffee Initiative

Nepal Women's Coffee Initiative by Himalayan Arabica Coffee

HimalayanArabica® Coffee has initiated ‘Women Coffee Program’ because we think – Coffee is the right way for Nepali Women Empowerment. It is estimated that more than 90% of Nepali coffee is produced by women only but their contribution has hardly been recognized! The acknowledgement of this fact is important to encourage and recognize the participation and contribution of women in Nepali Coffee industry.

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Words from the Founder

Words from the Founder

Nothing short of hard work is required to produce finest coffee and I know I can’t do it alone.  I am so grateful to be working with a dedicated team who does not compromise quality whatsoever.  You have my word that you will get only the most exceptional coffee from our company.

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