Greenland Organic Farm, owner of HimalayanArabica® Brand

Based on the principle of Quality Coffee and Sustainable Pricing™ Greenland Organic Farm is happily producing and exporting Nepal’s one of the best green coffees to the specialty roasters and buying agents to more than 40 countries worldwide. We are proud to be regarded as the first coffee brand from Nepal to flourish in the international specialty market and is well on its way to truly becoming The Jewel of Asian Coffee™.

Greenland Organic Farm provides farming and production training to farmers and coffee professionals from our inhouse coffee school. HimalayanArabica® Nepal Coffee brand aims to put our country in the world coffee map by building ethical and sustainable direct relationships that connect and positively impact the producers and consumers and everyone in between.

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What We Offer


What We Offer


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Do you want to create a successful career in the coffee industry? Whether you are planning to open your own café, finding success as a professional coffee roaster or heading up your company’s sustainability program, our courses will help you establish yourself in the coffee world.

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What Keeps Us Strong

“Nothing short of hard work is required to produce the finest coffee and I know I can’t do it alone.  I am so grateful to be working with a dedicated team that does not compromise quality whatsoever.  You have my word that you will get only the most exceptional coffee from our company.”

– Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara, Founder | Q Grader

Meet the Founder

The Jewel of Asian Coffee™ says it all. Winning the national and international award demonstrates our quality and flavor, but don’t just take our word for it; Q-Graders around the world have scored us consistently between 85-89 points. Himalayan Arabica is a quality-focused company and we strive to be the best coffee producer in Asia.

You can trace the origin of the coffee, who grows it and how much we pay the farmers so that it is easy to understand where the money goes. We are transparent with all buyers and our farmers about the value-chain and how we produce so that everyone involved can clearly understand the actual value of our coffee.

We are sensitive to the ecological impact of growing practices, sustainability of farmlands and dignified livelihood of the farmers, that is why ‘The Farmer Support Program’ has been implemented which encourages responsible growing practices to help farmers so the quality and the volume of the harvest can be improved.


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We work with farmers, cafes, restaurants, grocery, and retail to deliver incredible coffee programs throughout the region. We truly value the partnerships we build with businesses and would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways we can bring our knowledge, skills and incredible coffee to your business.

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