Our Brand

HimalayanArabica® is a coffee brand owned by Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal. The brand exemplifies quality, traceability and ethical.  It  is a quality-focused brand that is widely recognized for its superior taste and flavor.  Himalayan Arabica is the first brand from Nepal to flourish in the specialty market and to have achieved an  international award and is well on its way to truly becoming The Jewel of Asian Coffee™.

Only the selected varietal (Mostly Bourbon) ‘Hard Beans’ (HB) – grown at 1200 to 1400 meters and ‘Strictly Hard Bean’ (SHB) – grown above 1400 meters are branded as HimalayanArabica® Coffee.

More importantly, it is not just ‘a brand’ but our life so we can’t afford to compromise on quality when we pack our sacks with our brand name.

License from Nepal Govt. Dept. of Food Technology and Quality Control

Trade Mark Certificate of Himalayan Arabica Coffee