From Curiosity to Cups: The Nepali Coffee Odyssey of Raj Kumar Banjara

Dive into the fascinating world of coffee with the amazing story of Raj Kumar Banjara, Ph.D. – a brave person from Nepal whose journey is filled with adventure and passion. Here on this menu, you’ll uncover the tale of a daring Nepali coffee pioneer, someone whose achievements have left a strong mark in the coffee world.

Once upon a time, Raj Kumar Banjara was a young guy of just 20 years who dreamt of becoming a computer engineer. But fate had other plans. He noticed small bags of coffee from Nepal being sent abroad and his curiosity got the best of him. He wanted to find out more about it.

With excitement in his heart, Raj Kumar set out to discover the secrets of coffee. It was like finding a hidden treasure – he couldn’t resist diving in and learning how to grow the finest coffee beans. He quickly realized that what he had stumbled upon was truly special and unique.

As time went on, Raj Kumar Banjara’s passion for coffee grew stronger. He explored the different places in Nepal where coffee could be grown, each with its own distinct character. With each season that passed, he became better at his craft. He wasn’t just growing coffee; he was nurturing a blend of flavors that carried the essence of the Himalayas and the warmth of the sun.

Today, as you sip on a cup of our carefully crafted coffee, remember that it’s more than just a drink. It’s a tribute to the determined spirit of a man who embraced a new path and turned it into a journey of taste and smell. Raj Kumar Banjara’s story invites you to enjoy a coffee that’s not just made – it’s cultivated with a story as special as the lands it comes from. Welcome to an experience that’s not only about coffee, but about the love and effort that go into every single cup.