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We grow Arabica (Bourbon) coffee in Nepal, the land of Mt. Everest. We prepare our beans as ‘HimalayanArabica® Specialty Bourbon Coffee’ meeting the parameters of ‘Specialty Green Grading’.

We  adopt Internal Control System (ICS) of growing organic, we never use chemical fertilizers and pesticides but we were never interested to invest too much for the Organic Certification. We have a small coffee garden in Pokhari Chauri  Village, Kavre district near the famous mountain Sailung where we produce around 5~6 tonnes per harvest. Beside producing on our own, we collect more from our associate farmers and coffee cooperatives like Lamjung Cooperatives, Gorkha Cooperatives, Kaski Cooperatives etc and many other individual small holders. Please click here  if you are interested to know how we are producing and who we are. You may also like to  see our videos to know how we do it.

Our coffee has been consistently ranked as the specialty coffee and considered as one of the top quality Arabica bourbon coffees in the world. See here what our clients has to say about our coffee


Hard Bean (HB) and Strictly Hard Bean (SHB): Most of our coffee farm is situated above 1200 meter altitude.  Click here  (if you are new to these terms) to know more about HB and SHB. 

Arabica Bourbon Variety: In Nepal there is no Robusta coffee at all. We grow only Arabica  coffee. In most of our garden we have bourbon varietal.

Organically Cultivated: We adopt organic agricultural system and we guarantee for no use of any harmful pesticides /chemical fertilizers.

Himalayan Arabica Coffee Farm, Nepal

Himalayan Arabica Coffee Farm, Nepal

Shade Grown: Our coffee plants are under a canopy of trees. Shade grown coffee is always better than sun-tolerant coffee.

Washed/Wet Processed: Wet processed where we remove mucilage after fermentation.

Specialty Grade: Ranked consistently as Nepal Specialty Coffee. Shade grown, selective picking, wet processed, 100% hand sorted competing the worlds best specialty market due to its distinct flavor, aroma and body.

Location, Hours & Info

Nawa Prabhat Marga, Kathmandu 44600
9802023082 or 9823510666
Sun-Fri: 11am – 4pm (SATURDAY CLOSED)
OPEN 24/7 –

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