HimalayanArabica Honey (Bourbon)

Coffee amateur? – don’t get confused! It’s neither honey nor honey mixed coffee!

Honey coffees have generally very unique cup profile, characterized by its distinct sweetness, enhanced fruit notes and sweet acidity on the taste and aftertaste.

Honey process method‘ is among many other methods of processing coffee.  You might have heard about Washed Processed or Dry Processed coffee. Honey method is just the another way where cherry is removed from the seed without water so all the mucilage is stuck to the seed, giving that distinct and sweet flavor profile.

Parchment Prepared by Honey Processed Method.

Parchment Prepared by Honey Processed Method.

Cupping Notes

Our newest coffee, HimalayanArabica Honey offering a very unique cup that highlights flavors of milk chocolate, toffee, sweet almond-honey along with a bright pear acidity.

HimalayanArabica Honey Coffee

HimalayanArabica Honey Coffee


Generally, for standard cupping purpose, roast profile should be light or light medium roast, measured by Agtron scale of approx 58 on whole beans and 63 on ground (Roast tile # 55) but in this case, we use the City Roast level (17 minutes at 250 degree Celsius) to taste the standard well  balanced taste and flavor.

City Roast for  commercial coffee

City Roast for commercial coffee