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Rich and velvety with underlying hints of raisin.

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This is a pre-order for our all-new Nepal Coffee! We have exactly fifty bags of our limited-edition Nepal Medium Roast, and as one of the few coffee roasters in the states (and the world) selling this coffee online, we are extremely excited about it.

This coffee will be roasted, packaged and shipped on Monday, July 24th. Your bag of coffee from Nepal will be as fresh as they get! If you include other items with this order, they will NOT be shipping until July 24th.

Every 12oz bag of Nepalese Coffee will come with a cupping card for scoring, and a pamphlet of photos and information from the Nepal coffee farm where we sourced these beans.

Order today, because these Nepalese coffee beans will be gone in a flash!

Nepalese Coffee Beans

Shade grown on the foothills of Mt. Manaslu, our Nepalese Coffee is grown at one of the highest elevations in the world – away from the main coffee growing belt. The freezing temperatures of the Northern Himalayas cause the coffee to mature more slowly, producing harder and more flavorful himalayan coffee beans.

Himalayan Coffee Beans

Himalayan Coffee Beans

Grown with organic and eco-friendly practices by small farmers, the processing for this coffee from Nepal is done in the traditional way of selective hand picking of fully ripened cherries. These coffee cherries are then pulped with a hand pulper.

Coffee from Nepal

Coffee from Nepal

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica

Altitude grown: 1,300 – 1,550 meters

Processing: Wet Processed

Cooperative: Greenland Organic Farm

Greenland Organic Farm is a cooperative-based, socially responsible, ethical Nepalese coffee producer growing Himalayan coffee together with 465 individual households representing 2325 farmers in Lamjung and Kaski districts of Nepal.

Nepalese Coffee

This coffee from Nepal is available in Whole Bean or Ground: auto drip, french press, espresso or percolator.