the best Nepal Coffee

What we have to say

We enjoy producing excellent coffee but believe us its not EASY to present you an eye-catching beans and unforgettable cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Its not EASY to beat those thousands of GREAT COFFEE producers in competition.

The only secret that differentiates us from other good producers is our determination to bring our customers the best (literally) Nepal coffee. Our years of continuous hard work, understanding coffee from seed to cup, using roast profiles and cupping gives us higher credibility and a little more exposure as the ‘Top Quality Producer’ from Nepal.


Nepal is a country with a limited but excellent quality coffee which is sweet or rather complex, of regular acidity and with a strong aroma ranging from chocolaty to flowery. This type of coffee is the preferred component for many blends.

We don’t just want customers but a passionate partner who can truly differentiate ‘a great coffee’ from ‘a good coffee’

Please join us in the passionate pursuit of Truly Great Nepal Coffee.