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Honey Coffee

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Natural Process is the oldest method of processing coffee. Coffee cherries are directly sun dried on farms. Complex flavors that shine through a full bodies mouthfeel.

The Distinct sweet taste, enhanced fruit notes & pleasing aftertaste is created from processing. The cherry is removed without using water and the mucilage left on the seed is dried together to give it a distinct honey flavor profile.

Coffee with a very unique cup profile, characterized by its distinct sweetness, enhanced fruit notes and pleasing aftertaste.

Single Origin  Nepalese Specialty Coffee

Altitude: 1100-1650 Meters | Processing: Honey | Varietal: Bourbon



Coffee Lover? Don’t get confused, it’s neither honey nor honey mixed coffee! Its a honey coffee.

Honey process method is among various other methods of processing coffee where cherry is removed from the seed without water so all the mucilage is stuck to the seed giving that distinct and sweet flavor profile.

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