Packing Green Coffee

50 Kg Jute Bag

HimalayanArabica follows strict international standardized packing procedures and has more than 20 years of experience without a mistake. Without compromising safety, we use the most affordable method to package the coffee so you can keep your mind at ease while saving money. Grain-pro and Jute-sacks are used in combination to ensure the longest shelf life while keeping it nice and secure.


Shipping by Air

Door Delivery

Greenland Organic Farm is a registered food facility to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (FDA registration No. 18457994286). We will go through the prior notice system so that your shipment can be processed easily through customs. We prefer air freight. Both port-to-port regular cargo (CIF) or door delivery (DDU) is absolutely fine with us.

Why do we use Air Freight?

Because Nepal is a land-locked country. The nearest seaport is at Kolkata (CCU) India. Freight charges between air and sea are not much different. If you add the land transportation cost and India-Nepal border customs formalities then the cost seems similar for LCL shipments. But if your order is 1X20’FCL (16 tonnes) or bigger we offer Ventilated containers (coffee containers) to load in Kathmandu.

First time Ordering from Nepal?

There is nothing to worry about! We can help you with documentation, customs, and freight forwarding. Updated constantly; we can offer you the best air freight rate or express door to door delivery service for any weight.