For the first time in Nepal, CQI Q Processing level-1 training (Generalist Course) has been held in Nepal at National Coffee Academy (Tulsilal Memorial Trust,  Balkumari Rd Patan) Lalitpur from 21st to 23rd January 2019. Ms. Emma Sage, Technical Manager of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), USA has facilitated the training. Dr. Raj K. Banjara, President of National Coffee Academy has Co-facilitated the program.

The objectives of the training was to develop local human resources who can bring significant improvement on coffee quality and thereby increase the income to the farmers. The training has be facilitated in English language but the meaning translation of the important message has been delivered in Nepali language by Dr. Banjara. The training methods included lecture, group discussion, role play and practical sessions.

To qualify for Q Processing Generalist – Level 1 certificate by Coffee Quality Institute participants should secure a minimum of 75% in the course assessment/exam.

During the training period breakfast, Lunch and tea/coffee has been provided.