Ms. Dabuti Sherpa has brewed and served Nepali Coffee at the Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.
Ms Sherpa is the first Nepali Barista climber who has successfully climbed the Mt. Everest on 14th of May 2018 with the mission of promoting Nepali coffee.
She has brewed and served HimalayanArabica® Nepali Coffee at the highest camp and took the coffee at the summit for the purpose of promoting Nepali coffee to the world.

Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd.,  the producer of Himalayan Arabica coffee was the main sponsor of her expedition.

Team Himalayan Arabica coffee would like to congratulate her for her achievement and also thank her for showing Nepali coffee to the world from the highest peak on the earth.

Here are some of the media coverage published the very next day of her press conference.