100% Arabica, Single Origin Nepali Specialty Coffee.

(Exclusive Offer for the Harvest 2020)

QTY Green Coffee Roasted Coffee Delivery Charge
(Inside Ktm)
250 g NPR 600 NPR 300
500 g NPR 1200 NPR 300
1 Kg NPR 1,500 NPR 2,400 Free
5 Kg NPR 6,750 NPR 10,800 Free
10 Kg NPR 12,750 NPR 20,400 Free
15 Kg NPR 18,000 NPR 28,800 Free
20 Kg NPR 22,500 NPR 36,000 Free

Specialty Roast

Light Roast (City roast): For pour-over style brewing (tasting note: cinnamon, citrus, almond)

Medium (Vienna roast): Espresso and drip coffee (tasting note: caramel, almond, chocolate)

Dark (French roast): French press (tasting note: dark chocolate, smoky, malt)

Specialty Process

Full Wash: Clean & balanced with sparkling acidity. *Our regular standard specialty coffee.

Natural Process: Full-bodied coffee with heavy fruit taste of raisin and dry cherry. Medium Acidity.

Honey Process: A bold coffee with neutral acidity and notes of caramel and brown sugar.

Espresso Blend: Our specially processed beans for Espresso based drinks.

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